Our purpose is to share the story of Jesus, disciple villagers, and equip pastors in the 20 poorest countries of the world.


We began reaching people in Africa with the Gospel in 1997. Since that time we have led over 28 million villagers to Christ, planted churches, and trained pastors. 

In May of 1997, Delaney Crawley (who had worked 20 years in The JESUS Film Project of Campus Crusade for Christ ) led a mission team to Tanzania. The mission team hired and trained two Tanzanian ministers and purchased a generator, a projector, film equipment, and thousands of gospel tracts. From bicycles to a donkey cart the first mission team carried the gospel from village to village.

In six months the team had shown the JESUS film to 150,000 men, women, and children and 9,000 placed their trust in Jesus Christ. Their report served as the catalyst for Here's Life Africa to expand its ministry with better equipment and more teams. Here's Life Africa has now been serving in East and Central Africa for more than 17 years.



Here's Life Africa is a nonprofit interdenominational ministry committed to the glory of God and the fulfillment of the Great Commission. 

We employ 40 African teams who take the Jesus Film and AIDS education films to more than 2,400 remote villages each year. In each village, our teams launch a new weekly small group Bible study. We equip key pastors through an extensive two year training program.

We recruit, train, equip and send African ministers, in teams of two, throughout Central and East Africa to show the JESUS Film, share the Gospel and disciple new Christians. Here's Life Africa teams are equipped with a four-wheel drive truck, a projector, screen, and generator, DVD copies of the JESUS film (translated into over 1,000 languages), solar audio Bibles in native languages, and an HIV/AIDS education and prevention film.

Here's Life Africa has 44 teams currently serving in Tanzania, Uganda, and Malawi. Our goal is to increase the number of teams in the countries we currently serve and expand into 15 more of the poorest countries in Africa.



  • Salvation: Eternal Life
  • Hope: Discipleship 
  • Sustainability: Trained Pastors