We realize the real key to effective discipleship is training African pastors and leaders who can then disciple new Christians and those under their care.


Here’s Life Africa partners with a ministry called Strategic Impact to train pastors.  Here’s Life Africa provides extensive training for pastors who have access to little to no training at all.  The emphasis of the training is to help leaders multiply disciples who will ignite church planting movements everywhere.  Cohorts of 30-50 village pastors are gathered together for 3-4 days of training at a time. 

Every month, the training teams of Here’s Life Africa conduct approximately 10 conferences.  Every month, 300-500 pastors are being taught. Regardless of denominational preferences, Here’s Life Africa is strengthening the Church!


We employ 4 teams of indigenous leaders who train pastors:

  • Team #1 – Northern Tanzania | Jasper Byabashaija, Lead Trainer
  • Team #2 – Lake Zone and Western Tanzania | Paul Mpanda, Lead Trainer
  • Team #3 – East and Central Tanzania | Piniel Nicholas, Lead Trainer
  • Team #4 – South and Southwestern Tanzania | Yohana Salile, Lead Trainer

New teams are being formed to lead the effort in Uganda and Malawi.


National Pastor’s Conferences

One of the newest initiatives is to host an annual pastor’s conference for each nation.  The purpose of these conferences are to identify, encourage, and equip the top spiritual leaders of the nation. Contact us if you would like more information or if you have ideas about how to help us equip pastors in East Africa!