Our purpose is to share the story of Jesus, disciple villagers, and equip pastors in the 20 poorest countries of the world.


We began reaching people in Africa with the Gospel in 1997. Since that time we have led over 28 million villagers to Christ, planted churches, and trained pastors. 

In May of 1997, Delaney Crawley (who had worked 20 years in The JESUS Film Project of Campus Crusade for Christ ) led a mission team to Tanzania. The mission team hired and trained two Tanzanian ministers and purchased a generator, a projector, film equipment, and thousands of gospel tracts. From bicycles to a donkey cart the first mission team carried the gospel from village to village.

In six months the team had shown the JESUS film to 150,000 men, women, and children and 9,000 placed their trust in Jesus Christ. Their report served as the catalyst for Here's Life Africa to expand its ministry with better equipment and more teams. Here's Life Africa has now been serving in East and Central Africa for more than 17 years.



Here's Life Africa is a nonprofit interdenominational ministry committed to the glory of God and the fulfillment of the Great Commission. 

We employ 40 African teams who take the Jesus Film and AIDS education films to more than 2,400 remote villages each year. In each village, our teams launch a new weekly small group Bible study. We equip key pastors through an extensive two year training program.

We recruit, train, equip and send African ministers, in teams of two, throughout Central and East Africa to show the JESUS Film, share the Gospel and disciple new Christians. Here's Life Africa teams are equipped with a four-wheel drive truck, a projector, screen, and generator, DVD copies of the JESUS film (translated into over 1,000 languages), solar audio Bibles in native languages, and an HIV/AIDS education and prevention film.

Here's Life Africa has 44 teams currently serving in Tanzania, Uganda, and Malawi. Our goal is to increase the number of teams in the countries we currently serve and expand into 15 more of the poorest countries in Africa.



  • Salvation: Eternal Life
  • Hope: Discipleship 
  • Sustainability: Trained Pastors

Here's Life Africa has 44 teams actively spreading the Gospel to East Africa in the nations of Tanzania, Malawi, and Uganda. Each month our teams reach 200 villages.



Tanzania is an East African country known for its vast wilderness areas. 


Zones Reached

  • Coast Zone - 5 Total -  Zanzibar/Kilindi, Dar es Salaam, Tanga, Korogwe, Morogoro South
  • Central Zone - 4 Total - Manyoni, Tabora, Singida, Morogoro North
  • Southern Zone - 2 Total - Njombe, Ruvuma
  • Western Zone - 5 Total - Nzega, Shinyanga, Kigoma, Ngara, Bukoba
  • Northern Zone - 7 Total - Arusha North, Arusha South, Karatu, Babati, Kilimanjaro South, Kilimanjaro North, Kiomoi/Mbulu
  • South East Zone - 3 Total - Masasi, Mtwara, Lindi
  • Lake Zone - 6 Total - Musoma, Mwanza, Kwimba, Sengerema, Magu, Tarime
  • Southwest Zone - 3 Total - Mbeya East, Mbeya West, Rukwa



Malawi, a landlocked country in southeastern Africa, is defined by its topography of highlands split by the Great Rift Valley and enormous Lake Malawi.


Zones reached

  • Malawi Zone - 4 Total - 7 Total - Mzuzu, Lilongwe, Blantyre, Zomba



Uganda is a landlocked country in East Africa whose diverse landscape encompasses the snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains and immense Lake Victoria.


Zones Reached

  • West Zone - 1 Total - Moyo
  • West North Zone - 3 Total - Masindi, Gulu, Lira

Andy Blakeslee

President and CEO

In 2010, the Lord impressed on Andy’s heart a passion to equip pastors in the poorest countries of the world.  Andy grew up as a missionary kid in the Amazon Jungle of Ecuador. He caught piranhas, shot blowguns, swung machetes through the jungle, and played with pet monkeys and birds!  After declaring that he would never be a missionary, Andy spent 15 years in Corporate America working in Finance with EDS and Accenture (a global technology consulting firm). In 2004, Andy answered a very clear call from God to leave the corporate world and join Crown Financial Ministries.  He served hundreds of churches in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex as the North Texas Director.  In 2011, Andy co-founded a discipleship ministry called Bible Media 28:19.  Along with his co-founder, they created the LAMP program.  LAMP is an oral-based methodology for small group Bible Study.  In 2012, he joined Here’s Life Africa as the Chief Operating Officer.  Immediately, the LAMP program was implemented.  Today, more than 2,500 weekly Bible study groups are launched each year through the ministry.  In 2014, Andy became the President/CEO.  Andy is passionate to fulfill the Great Commission and has set a goal to equip 100,000 pastors so they can more effectively carry out the call God has put on their lives to go and make disciples of all nations. 

Andy and his wife Kristy are members at Gateway Church and reside in The Colony, TX.  They have eight children and six grandchildren.

Stanley Hotey


Stanley is the Director of Here’s Life Africa based in Arusha,Tanzania (East Africa.) 
Over the past 18  years, Stanley has helped build the ministry by recruiting, training, and serving the staff.  In 2012, he was appointed as one of the youngest Bishops in the Anglican Church.  He is the Bishop of the Diocese of Mount Kilimanjaro (DMK). 

Stanley Hotay grew up in a village near Karatu in Northern Tanzania.  As a young adult, he was an evangelist who traveled from village to village and church to church winning people to Christ and encouraging church leaders.  Stanley’s educational background is extensive.  He studied abroad and graduated from Exeter University (England) and he also earned a BA in theology from Gloucestershire University (also in England).  Additionally, Stanley completed training at the Haggai Leadership Institute in Hawaii where he was one of the youngest leaders ever admitted to this prestigious leadership institute. 

Stanley’s wife, Agnes, serves as the Tanzania Country Director for Compassion International with responsibility for more than 80,000 children.  Stanley and Agnes are extraordinary people who are impacting the lives of millions to further God's Kingdom.  They have three children, Hannah, Joshua, and Caleb.

HLA Board Members

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Butch Daughtry


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Dr. John Binkley


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Pastor Robert Morris

Gateway Church

As a pastor I come across a lot of ministries, but few like Here's life Africa. Christ gave us a mandate to go make disciples. Here's life not only offers salvation, but they also train pastors, plant churches, and start Bible listening groups.Here's Life takes the gospel to remote villages in Africa where most people have never heard of Jesus. They employ native Africans to deliver the gospel in 4 wheel drive vehicles. You rarely hear of an organization that reaches over 2.3 million people per year. This ministry is one exception, having seen over 16 million come to Christ.

Take this opportunity to support a ministry that bears much fruit. Your help will enable Here's Life teams to reach countless more for Christ. God has chosen us to carry His light and life to the nations. Please help Here's Life Africa spread the gospel throughout Central and East Africa.

For His Glory, 

Robert Morris
Senior Pastor, Gateway Church, Southlake Texas

Pastor Gerald Brooks

Grace outreach Center

As pastor of a large church in Plano, Texas we have a strong worldwide vision for the lost. We support several organizations that spread the Gospel and minister in 174 countries. Recently, I learned about Here’s Life Africa. God is blessing their work as they minister salvation, disciple people, plant churches, and train pastors in villages throughout Central and East Africa. I was impressed with the magnitude of the ministry. They employ 50 teams of native ministers who actively spread the Gospel. Since the ministry began in 1997, God has used them to lead 19 million people to Christ!

The goal of Here’s Life Africa by 2025 is to win 100 million people to the Lord, disciple every village visited, and train and equip pastors in the 20 poorest countries in the world. Saving 100 million people would be the equivalent of reaching one out of every three Americans! The Lord commands us to go into all the world to preach the Gospel, and then, the end will come. With the impact of radical Muslim activity in Africa, it is vital for Here’s Life Africa to raise up as many pastors and disciples as soon as possible to counter this spiritual battle. Our church, Grace Outreach Center, has committed resources to this effort. Please ask yourself what you can do to support this ministry. Visit the website at www.HeresLifeAfrica.com and click the “donate” button at the top of the page.

Until all have heard,

Dr. Gerald Brooks
Senior Pastor, Grace Outreach Center, Plano Texas

Dr. John Binkley, Jr.

Generational Equity 

For the past 20 years the Lord has enabled me to minister and teach the Word of God in more than 60 countries. Throughout this time I have had the opportunity to be involved and support many wonderful ministries. I have seen the Lord doing incredible things through His people to take the Gospel into all the world.

Recently, a long time friend of mine with Here's Life Africa, shared the vision of this ministry to "take Africa for Jesus." Based on the scriptural mandate to go and make disciples of all nations and the proposition in Rom. 10:14 how are people to believe without a preacher, and how is a preacher to come unless they are sent. What impresses me is that for $500 they can send a team of native ministers into a village and establish an “up and running”, sustainable church. This year alone 50 teams of Here’s Life native ministers will go into 3,000 remote villages to share the story of Jesus, disciple villagers, train leaders, and plant a church. Villagers gather to hear God’s Word in their native language as a facilitator or pastor reads or uses a solar powered audio Bible/Proclaimer to broadcast messages. As these newly planted churches take root, true hope comes, lives are changed, and the response to the gospel message spreads and is multiplied to many other villagers. They have the infrastructure in place to plant a church in each village for $500 or $42 per month. I ask myself, how much does it cost us to start and sustain a church in America?Time is of the essence, especially in Africa due to the impending challenges for Christians.

I ask you to help Here’s Life Africa plant churches and take Africa for Jesus. 

Dr. John H. Binkley, Jr.
Chairman of the Board
Generational Equity Dallas, Texas