AUDIO BIBLES/Pocket Powered Church

Audio Bibles are solar powered and play for years on end. They are provided to each small group in their own language and people gather to listen for hours at a time. 

Supply one pocket powered church $42

$30/month - Transform 30 Villagers

One dollar a day will ensure that one person a day is reached with the transformative power of God. Partner with God and Here’s Life Africa to change one villager’s life today and tomorrow.

Give $30 to win 30 people to Christ

Village Outreach

A team of two indigenous employees and several volunteers will travel to a remote village to show the Jesus Film. Hundreds will pray to accept Christ and new weekly Bible study group will begin. Help us evangelize and disciple an entire village! 

Support a 4 day outreach to one village $500

At Here's Life Africa, our Triple Threat initiative provides a way to advance the kingdom of God by fulfilling the Great Commission. By supporting the ministry on a monthly/yearly basis, this initiative offers an opportunity to create a partnership between you, God, and Here’s Life Africa to bear much fruit. Together, we can make disciples of all nations.


The Triple Threat

Donations given to Here’s Life Africa will change people’s lives from three directions:

1. $0.82 – Save: Win at least one person to Christ

2. $42 – Disciple: Launch a new weekly Bible Study Group

3. $100 – Sustain: Equip/Train a pastor

$142.82 – The Triple Threat Donor Initiative



A "Friend of the Board" gives $1,000 annually to the ministry and helps expand the ministry by helping with one of the following activities:

  • Initiate or Host a "Vision Lunch"
  • Introduce Here's Life Africa to your church, Bible Study, or other group
  • Disciple others and expose them to mission work



A "Friend of the Board" is invited to attend general meetings of the Board. Here are a few benefits of joining this group. 

You will be joyfully blessed as you...

  • Network and relate with faithful, Kingdom-minded leaders.
  • Impact eternity. "...that when it (worldly wealth) should fail, they may receive you into everlasting habitations" - Luke 16:9
  • Do something tangible to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-2).