Putting the Word into Practice


"As the Bible says, the word of God is like the rain that comes from heaven; It will not return there but water the earth, making it bring forth and sprout. (Isaiah 55:10) Some good years ago, we were in one of the villages where we preached, showed the Jesus Film and began discipling villagers. Among those whom we discipled was an old man who whole-heartedly took the word of God as it was. Through the help of the Holy Spirit, he decided to put the word of God into practice by preaching and discipling people within his reach. Though he was over 70 years old at the time, he didn't give up.

Later on in our journey, we ran into him at another village and he told us how he had impacted people’s lives by preaching and discipling them. According to him, he was a wasted and lost person before he gave his life to Jesus Christ. Before Christ, he was consumed by alcoholism, fighting and many evil things which had made him unable to see any value in himself. He then tells us the story of a visit he paid to a nearby village: One day, shortly after getting saved, he and his wife decided to go pay a visit to his daughter. When they reached her village, they found people there who were intoxicated and incoherent, much like he was before. Seeing them reminded him of how he was before Christ and how his life had since changed. So, he started preaching to the people right there in the village! Of course, some despised the word of God and refused to believe, but others accepted Jesus Christ as Lord. In his two month stay in that village, he started a small church that has since grown exponentially! "I was able to do something for the Lord because I gave my life to Christ after seeing the Jesus Film and I was discipled." he said. The testimony of this old man has inspired me to continue working hard by showing the Jesus film and discipling people because I know what I’m doing is bringing people to the kingdom of God. It's my pride in the Lord to move from village to village to show the Jesus film and disciple people no matter the cost."

 Abraham Vuamaiku

Uganda West